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XRray Protection Solutions

XRray Protection Solutions

Medical intervention requires the use of various techniques and equipment, one of the most common among them being X-rays. Changes in diagnostic and surgical procedures have led to a sharp increase in the use of X-ray radiation compared to ten or twenty years ago. This increase has also necessitated the rethinking of and inventing newer techniques within the scope of X-ray protection.


Traditionally, X-rays are conducted by covering the patient and the radiologist with lead-lined aprons to prevent any potentially harmful effects. Recent advances in imaging technology have reduced radiation dosages to about one-twentieth of the corresponding amount used since the 1950s. Many researchers have even negated the requirement of using lead aprons over patients during an X-ray. However, X-rays are also used for minimally invasive surgical procedures and fluoroscopies, where real-time moving images are needed for diagnostic purposes or therapeutic interventions. As such X-ray protection is of vital importance to medical teams who work around radiation. Let’s take a look into the best technological solutions currently available for X-ray protection.


Radiation Protection Accessories


The medical X-ray protective series products are made of lead free rubber,covering with clothing when processing.




The lead equvalent is optional with 0.25mmpb, 0.35mmpb, 0.5mmpb. They are mainly used for the protection of the X-Ray. Customers can choose these protective series products of different specifications according to their own needs.